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Apartment for rent on Bokhu (Ljubljana) street
ID: 45008
6 August 2020

897 ₾

Apartment for rent on Bokhu (Ljubljana) street, preferably for Indian students, the apartment is next to the new vision of the university. It is possible to talk about the price
ID: 36597
2 February 2020

266016 ₾

House for sale or rent in Svaneti district immediately, clean, tidy, wellgroomed house with prospect of access to the 3rd floor. There are 6 bathrooms, 4 bedrooms, two upper and two lower floors, the total area is 175 square meters. It is a destination, public transport is also available and 5 minutes and 10 minutes walk to the metro station, near the University of Caucasus, for a mortgage of $ 40,000. You might even talk about renting. For more information contact me at 599513624 nona


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